About WorkerLot

Our Story

Founded in Manhattan Beach, CA, close to the heart of Silicon Beach, WorkerLot started as a tech company with a focus on the construction sector. Our goal is to connect homeowners with independent workers. With the influx of the gig economy, WorkerLot aims to provide freelancers and independent workers with more possibilities in the labor market and give householders an alternative to traditional methods of finding day laborers, tradesmen, and contractors.

Our Mission & Vision

WorkerLot is a tech startup bridging workers and householders together. WorkerLot provides people with more access to construction-related job opportunities. In the era of the gig economy, it is our desire to empower the individual on both sides. We enable independent workers and tradesmen to actively search for gigs. We present homeowners with a new and cost-effective way to repair, remodel, and build their properties. All of this and much more is possible through WorkerLot’s suite of apps and innovative solutions.

WorkerLot Payment Systems

Payment Methods and Fees

When a homeowner accepts a bid, the money will be deposited in an escrow account. After the project is completed to satisfaction, and the homeowner releases the funds, WorkerLot will send the money from the escrow to the worker’s PayPal account. Workers need to hold a Paypal account after signing up with WorkerLot. After satisfactory completion of the work and approval of homeowners, payment is sent to a worker’s Paypal account where they can transfer or withdraw their money to bank accounts. Payments are processed through independent, safe, and trusted third-party providers such as Paypal. Paypal is a trusted, safe, and easy online payment facilitator with billions of dollars handled every year. WorkerLot charges 7.8% of the bid amount for the service fee, plus a $1.00 processing fee. We are working on better and more efficient payment solutions and accepting crypto soon.


WorkerLot operates on a good faith and fair dealings basis and expects all parties to adhere to such codes of conduct. In case a dispute rises between customers and clients, both parties will be referred to a third-party mediator for a fee that is inquired from both parties. All transactions must be done through the WorkerLot platform in order to be considered a legitimate activity for the company to tend to disputes involved.